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Edelplanet is a musical project that was formed in 2013 by the Norwegian artist Edel Iren Bjelde.

The music is ”big”, timeless alternative pop/rock.

A keyword for the music is ”nerve”, intensity and passion.


The lyrics are strong and the music can often be both aggressive and sore at the same time.


Edel´s mission is to move the public by singing with the whole spectre of emotions.


Her inspiriational sources is Rage against The Machine, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Eminem, Alanis Morissette, Sinaed O`connor, Massive Attack and classical music, especially Beethoven.


She says herself: ”I dont think I can be placed in a special musical category because I am inspired by a lot of different music”.


She and her musicians are known to give everything on stage and they have played a lot in Oslo/Norway for the last two years and have therefore become a very good live-act .In February this year she released an album called ”Coming Home” which is now available on Itunes and Spotify. Edelplanet has also recently released a music video on You Tube.


She was also in London this June (2015) where she held two concerts at Cargo and MacBeth which was a great success and she now aim for Germany.



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